Joanne Kaechele

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Joanne Kaechele


Welcome to our classroom! We are a group of fun and enthusiastic fifth graders who are ready for a great year of learning and exploring. I am very excited to be your child’s teacher this school year.

We will read some fantastic novels and learn many new math concepts that build for future learning in middle and high school. In Social Studies, we will study our nation from the Native Americans, some early European explorers, the 13 colonies, the American Revolution, and US history ending with the Constitution. In Science we will study patterns in relationship to the sun's movement, physical and chemical changes, engineering concepts and constellations in space. As 5th graders, we have the opportunity to start instrumental music in band or orchestra.

At SHES we are proud to offer leadership time each day.  During this time we set and maintain goals, discuss the 7 Habits of Successful Students, hold our class meeting, shop in our class store, and attend our Crew Time.  Crew time is school-wide and each student chooses a place in which they will shine and be a leader in our building. Examples are in Rally crew, Newspaper, Colt News, Germ Club, Environment, and Art.  It is great to be a leader at SHES!  

Please feel free to contact me anytime you have questions. I am looking forward to a great year and preparing our students for middle school.

Joanne Kaechele, 5th grade teacher, Spring Hill Elementary School