Marcel Kadera-Redmond - PE
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Hello My Name Is...

Marcel Kadera-Redmond


Hello Spring Hill Colts! I would like to welcome you to my classroom, which is the SHES Gym. Physical Education (PE) is all about creating experiences for my students. Every day, the students and I participate in activities that help us learn about our bodies, and how to live healthy and active lives, while experiencing life lessons. What better way to learn what it looks like to be honest, than through playing a game? Everyone can not only see it and hear about it, but they can experience what it feels like to be honest. PE is Education through Physical activity.

Many of our activities practice multiple life skills at the same time. One example is a game called “Holes and Dungeons.” This musical chairs-like game exercises cardiovascular endurance; meaning the students are running the entire time, and they love it! It also requires the students to use honesty. It is up to them to go to the dungeon if they are out. To get free from the dungeon, the students have to use teamwork. The more the students use these good character skills, the more fun the game is to play.

My biggest day is Field Day. It is the one day of the year when the entire school unites in a common activity. As a school, we participate in cooperative, team-building, problem-solving, FUN activities that build the sense of community within classrooms, and self-esteem in every student. Just some good old-fashioned fun, that gives everyone (including adults) permission to be a little silly.

If you need to get a hold of me for any reason, please contact me:

Marcel Kadera-Redmond
[email protected]

Thank you very much,
Mr. K